A platform game where you have to find your way to the goal, but your view of the world is limited to only 100x100 pixels! 

Watch out for spikes!

There are 5 levels in total.

Distance - how close you are to the goal!
Use arrow keys to move.

My first game jam game, and also my first game ever!


100x100_windows64.zip 10 MB


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I like the concept, it's a good use of the theme.  I wish there was more control over the jumping if we're going to need to make so many jumps with low ceilings.

Interesting take on the theme, but I think it just ends up being frustrating having the view so limited. Even if you take it slowly, you're kind of stuck mid jump so if there happens to be 2 spikes instead of one, you die. Turns more into a game of memorizing where things are (which is hard when you can only see a little piece of the level).

I like the character and animations and such though, congrats on your first game/jam game!